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Welcome to the world of MT Leather
Products.  Your journey may be long or
short, but we hope you enjoy the time you
spend with us.  Come back
are always welcome.

Each of our products are made with
extreme care to meet the needs of the
most demanding of those that appreciate
our lifestyle.

I'd like to take a moment to introduce
myself.  I am Master Tim....therefore the
name of my business...MT Leather
Products.  I have been in the lifestyle for
more years than I can remember.  My
business started out small, basically to fill
my toy bag....and now 14+ years later, we
had the HUGE honor to be nominated for
Leather Business of the Year 2005 at

My submissive, bobbi, and I met in 1994
and our skills have complimented one
another to bring the business to another

The love of the lifestyle and our leather
family keeps us traveling on a new
journey everyday…we have been
involved in many organizations including,
Sterling Shadow, Pep Ohio/PEER (board
member) The Ohio Hedonistic Society, )
(board member), NLA Columbus, NLA
Indy and MAsT Cincinnati…although our
business travels have hindered us from
active involvement in these groups, we still
are there to lend a helping hand when
ever possible.
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